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Design home appliances and other electronics systems with System Modeler and easily incorporate non-electronic elements, such as mechanical assemblies and temperature control, into the complete design.

Electric Kettle: Controlled Heating Process

Controlled fluid heating processes are used in many industrial and residential applications, including boilers, petrochemical reactors, and more. This example simulates a controlled heating process in a water heater.

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The latest versions of System Modeler and Mathematica.

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Multidomain Modeling

Combine components from different physical domains such as electrical (heating circuit), thermal (water), and logical (controller) units.

Built-in Libraries

Easily create realistic models and custom components with built-in electrical, magnetic, mechanical, and other libraries.

The water temperature and the controller
turning the electrical circuit on and off
Simulation with fitted parameters
and measurement data

Model Calibration

The link between Mathematica and SystemModeler makes it possible to optimize parameter settings to fit the model to measurement data.