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Use System Modeler to develop accurate models of wind, solar, and other power generation and distribution systems. Combine with Mathematica for further optimization and analysis.

Energy Self-Sufficient Buildings

Explore energy self-sufficient buildings. Test if the design is sufficient to meet the energy demand for any given day. This example delves into the complexities of battery storage and solar power generation, revealing the dynamic balance within renewable systems.

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The latest versions of System Modeler and Mathematica.

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Interactive dashboard to explore the system performance.

Energy Self-Sufficient Building Model

The building is powered by batteries that are charged by solar panels.

Model of the energy self-sufficient building.

Battery Management System

The battery pack consists of three batteries. A switch controller is used to manage SOC (state of charge) of the batteries and avoids usage while charging.

Only one battery (out of three) is discharged at a time, while the other batteries are charged or placed on standby. The battery management system switches the battery after the SOC is reduced to 20%.

Interactively Explore System Performance

Use the interactive GUI to extract solar data for any location and visualize the system performance for any given time instant.

Explore the SOC of the batteries, solar irradiance and building demand for any given location and time instant.

Model Energy Self-Sufficient Systems

Use the built-in libraries to model batteries, solar panels and buildings.