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Introduction to Electric Circuits

This Daily Study Group explores the fundamentals of electric circuits. You will learn about circuit components and circuit analysis methods and design circuits using operational amplifiers.


Handling Uncertainties and Calibrating System Models

In this webinar, you will learn to calibrate parameter values to match simulation results with real-world data and to visualize the uncertainty of key outputs resulting from uncertainty in parameters, initial values or inputs.


Flying on the Edge: Simulating High-G Jet Aerobatics

In this webinar, we will model the Aermacchi military jet trainer using the Aircraft Library 2.0. This jet will be pushed to the limit as we design and fly high-G maneuvers like the ones performed at air shows, while we make sure that the structural integrity is not compromised through the use of a V-n diagram.


Guiding Principles for Systems Modeling and Simulation

In this study group, you will learn modeling principles applicable to dynamic systems across diverse domains. You will explore examples that range from simulating the spread of infectious diseases to predicting the cash flow dynamics of a subscription-based business and modeling the intricate behavior of drones.


Model and Simulate Turbines, Motors and Drivelines

In this webinar, the new Rotating Machinery library will be presented. The library allows you to test novel designs or identify faults in rotating machinery like turbines, motors and drivelines.


New Libraries and Features in System Modeler 14

In this webinar, you will learn to model battery packs, multi-rate systems and rotating machinery, and study how uncertainties in inputs and parameters affect the system, among other things.