Wolfram U

Modeling & Simulation

Improve your understanding of modeling and simulation of cyber-physical systems with the use of an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and a large selection of model libraries. Learn to build industrial-strength, multidomain models of complete systems with the help of Wolfram Language for analyzing, understanding and quickly iterating system designs.

These courses walk you through the tools available in Wolfram Language and, in particular, Wolfram System Modeler for modeling and simulation.

Upcoming Events

  • Mar 20 | Online

    Testing and Modeling Turbines, Gears and Drivelines with the Rotating Machinery Library

    In this webinar, the new System Modeler Modelica library for rotating machinery will be presented. The Rotating Machinery library allows you to test novel designs or identify faults in rotating machinery like turbines, motors and drivelines.

  • Mar 22 | Online

    Analyzing Real-World Networks in Wolfram Language

    Explore the ability of Wolfram Language to understand the structure of graphs—in particular, those that are organic and asymmetrical, such as social networks, coauthorship graphs or even the type of "real life" interaction graph studied by epidemiologists.

  • Apr 9–19 | Online

    Daily Study Group: Guiding Principles for Systems Modeling and Simulation

    Join the upcoming two-week study group, where you'll use Wolfram System Modeler to create models of real-world systems and explore modeling fundamentals. We'll cover examples that range from simulating the spread of infectious diseases to predicting the cash flow dynamics of a subscription-based business and modeling the intricate behavior of drones.