Wolfram U

Modeling & Simulation

Improve your understanding of modeling and simulation of cyber-physical systems with the use of an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and a large selection of model libraries. Learn to build industrial-strength, multidomain models of complete systems with the help of Wolfram Language for analyzing, understanding and quickly iterating system designs.

These courses walk you through the tools available in Wolfram Language and, in particular, Wolfram System Modeler for modeling and simulation.

Upcoming Events

  • Jun 4 | Online

    Flying on the Edge: Simulating High-G Jet Aerobatics with Wolfram System Modeler's Aircraft Library 2.0

    This free Wolfram System Modeler webinar shows how to model, simulate and analyze high-G jet aerobatics using the new Aircraft Modelica library.

  • Jun 18 | Online

    Handling Uncertainties and Calibrating System Modeler Models with Wolfram Language

    This free webinar features recently added Wolfram System Modeler functionality to calibrate, validate and visualize uncertainty in system models.

  • Jun 24–Jul 12 | Online

    Daily Study Group: Introduction to Electric Circuits

    Explore the fundamentals of electric circuits using Wolfram Language and System Modeler. User-friendly diagrams, visualizations and models help to demonstrate, in an intuitive way, how electric circuits behave. Topics include circuit components, theoretical concepts, analysis methods, and analysis and design of circuits using operational amplifiers.