Wolfram U

Guiding Principles for Systems Modeling and Simulation
(Study Group Sessions)

Estimated Time: 13 h

Course Level: Beginner


Learn modeling principles applicable to dynamic systems across diverse domains from Wolfram experts. This study group uses Wolfram System Modeler to create models of real-world systems and explore modeling fundamentals. Examples that range from simulating the spread of infectious diseases to predicting the cash flow dynamics of a subscription-based business and modeling the intricate behavior of drones are covered. The first two sessions provide an introduction to modeling with System Modeler and analyzing models with Wolfram Language. Each following session is devoted to learning about a different modeling principle.

About Wolfram Daily Study Groups

In Daily Study Groups, the instructor guides each session by sharing short lessons with examples, polling the group to review key concepts and answering questions. Study group sessions run daily, Monday through Friday. A certificate of completion is available for those who attend and pass a quiz.