The Wolfram Solution for

Biological Sciences

The Wolfram biological sciences solution offers a complete workflow—from data import to high-powered analysis, through modeling and simulation—while providing the most automated development and deployment environment available.

Curated genome, protein, and other data ready for computation can be directly obtained from the Wolfram Knowledgebase for ease and accuracy of calculations.

Analyzing processes in the glucose-insulin system with Wolfram SystemModeler
The Wolfram Edge
How Wolfram Compares
Key Capabilities

Wolfram technologies include thousands of built-in functions and curated data on many topics that let you:

  • Develop PKPD, systems biology, and systems pharmacology models
  • Perform sensitivity analysis and parameter sweeps to investigate how parameters affect system dynamics
  • Select drug doses for first-in-human trials
  • Do Monte Carlo simulations of biological systems
  • Determine the dynamic properties of cells and enzymes
  • Perform bacterial colony counting, computer-aided cell analysis, estimation of infected leaf area and chlorophyll, and more, using built-in image processing techniques
  • Do real-time agent-based simulation and modeling of ecosystems
  • Perform parameter optimization of models
  • Design and analyze clinical trials
  • Perform steady-state analysis
  • Do ecological forecasting using built-in weather data
  • Generate sequence alignments in a computable form
  • Investigate immune systems and parasite coevolution

Studying glycolytic oscillations in yeast cells with Wolfram SystemModeler

Simulating the behavior of organisms and instantly visualizing the results

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The Wolfram Edge
How Wolfram Compares
Key Capabilities

Does your current tool set have these advantages?

  • Free-form linguistic input produces immediate results without the need for syntax
    Unique to Wolfram technologies
  • Import experimental data, compute, and deliver results in one interactive document instead of across several applications
    Excel, R, Stata, and other programs do not offer an integrated environment for computation, analysis, and interactive presentation
  • Automated interactive interface construction without programming
    C/C++, BioPerl, BioJava, and BioPython require extensive programming for interactive interface construction
  • Allow colleagues to interact with your applications or documents containing text, graphics, and animations, using the free Wolfram CDF Player
    Unique to Wolfram technologies
  • Built-in access to continually updated curated genomic and proteomic data ready for computation
    Unique to Wolfram technologies
  • Ready-to-use built-in statistics and data analysis functions along with automatic report generation
  • Built-in image processing capabilities are an integrated part of the Wolfram Language workflow
    Excel, Stata, and other statistics software do not have image processing capabilities
  • Import and export Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML) models to Modelica
    Unique to Wolfram SystemModeler

Modeling a biochemical process (insulin signaling) with Wolfram SystemModeler

Investigating epidemic dynamics using built-in differential equation, statistical, and graphing tools

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The Wolfram Edge
How Wolfram Compares
Key Capabilities

Wolfram SystemModeler is the most complete physical modeling and simulation tool for high-fidelity modeling. With SystemModeler, you can:

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