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Virtual Workshop 2014»
Mathematica for Data Science»
Physics Comes Alive with Wolfram Technologies»
Image Processing and Analysis: Quick Start»

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Mathematica: An IntroductionApr 24
1 pm - 5 pm
Tokyo, Japan
The Wolfram Language: Visualization FundamentalsApr 24
1 pm - 5 pm EDT
Mathematica: An IntroductionMay 06
11 am - 3 pm EDT
Programming in the Wolfram LanguageMay 08
11 am - 3 pm EDT

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General Mathematica Overviews and detailed introductions to data processing, numerics, and other areas Browse courses»    Data Science Statistics and data analysis, linear and nonlinear models, and graphs and networks Browse courses»    Finance Specialized functions for analysis, time value, trading, derivatives, and much more Browse courses»
Software Development Develop enterprise-class web or desktop applications and interactive websites Browse courses»    Engineering Numerical computing, control systems, wavelet analysis, and other technologies for your engineering workflow Browse courses»    Wolfram SystemModeler Overviews and detailed introductions to modeling and simulation with Wolfram SystemModeler Browse courses»
Image Processing Real-world applications of a comprehensive image processing environment Browse courses»    High-Performance Computing Parallel computation and GPU computing with CUDA or OpenCL Browse courses»    Computable Document Format Get started creating and deploying interactive content with CDF Browse courses»
Education Mathematica, Wolfram|Alpha, and more for education, from interactive teaching to graduate-level research Browse courses»            

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Compute the mode of a distribution from its PDF: Plot[PDF[ProbabilityDistribution[6/125(-x^2+x+6),{x,-2,3}],x],{x,-4,5},Filling->Axis] Repeated scalings: Graphics[FoldList[GeometricTransformation[#,ScalingMatrix[.75,#2]]&,Circle[],Table[{Cos[u],Sin[u]},{u,0,2Pi,2 Pi/25.}]]] The GraphCenter of star graphs: Table[HighlightGraph[#,GraphCenter[#]]&[StarGraph[i,VertexSize->0.2]],{i,4,7}] 

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