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CDF: Authoring Interactive Content

This course introduces the Computable Document Format—highlighting its easy-to-author interactivity and convenient deployment options—and explores the creation of a complex infographic with CDF. The course is ideal for authors of books, courseware, academic papers, and professional reports who want to infuse life into their work with interactive content.

Level: Beginner

The course is for people who would like to become proficient using CDF regardless of their level of Mathematica or CDF experience.

Jun 18
1 pm - 5 pm EDT
Online $225.00 (USD)


  • Performing basic operations and creating interactive and technical material in CDF
  • Introduction to authoring Wolfram Demonstrations
  • CDF deployment methods, including wizards, programmatic deployment, and cloud deployment
  • Building the advanced CDF infographic "Understanding Earthquakes"
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