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An Introduction to Mathematica in the Classroom

This course provides high school and community college instructors an introduction to using Mathematica to teach, create demonstrations, and prepare course materials and student activities.

Level: Beginner

The course is designed for teachers who are new to Mathematica or who consider themselves to be relatively inexperienced at using Mathematica. The course includes coverage of topics in mathematics and in the physical and social sciences. Course topics are presented in alternating sessions of lectures and exercises, with ample opportunity for Q&A.

This course is not currently scheduled.


  • Introduction
    Introduction to Mathematica, including how to get Mathematica up and running, basic computations and plots, making definitions, animations, creating dynamic interfaces, and working with data; easy interaction with Mathematica is stressed through the use of palettes and templates
  • Presentations for the Classroom
    Mathematica notebooks, creating and working with slide shows, creating and editing mathematical formulas, creating and working with interactive elements such as hyperlinks and buttons, and tips and tricks for making and giving presentations
  • Tools for the Classroom
    Tools and packages (provided with this course) that assist in plotting functions and data, creating tables of function values, plotting on grids, and creating randomized quizzes and exercise sheets; ways to incorporate Wolfram|Alpha into the classroom
  • Mathematica in the Classroom
    Exploration of lessons from high school and community college mathematics and science, including geometric problems, solving linear systems, analytic geometry, optimization problems, linear approximations, and techniques of integration; course tools included for exploring many of these topics
  • Mathematica Tips and Tricks
    Useful day-to-day tips on using Mathematica
  • Resources
    Additional resources for self-study, including books, screencasts, and more

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