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Learn about the Wolfram Language, Mathematica, SystemModeler, the Computable Document Format (CDF), and other Wolfram products and technologies. Wolfram Training courses include quick starts to cover the basics, as well as in-depth looks at concepts and applications. Watch on-demand courses anytime or use our calendar to find scheduled online classes. Browse course offerings according to topic areas.

Premium Courses Live, targeted training offered as online sessions or as custom classes in select locations. Browse courses» Wolfram Language Programming fundamentals and concepts, built-in functions, symbolic expressions, and tips for better, faster coding. Browse courses»

Mathematica Overviews and detailed introductions to data processing, numerics, and other areas Browse courses» Data Science Statistics and data analysis, linear and nonlinear models, graphs and networks Browse courses»
Image Processing Real-world applications of a comprehensive image processing environment Browse courses» Finance Specialized functions for analysis, time value, trading, derivatives, and much more Browse courses»
Wolfram SystemModeler Overviews and detailed introductions to modeling and simulation with Wolfram SystemModeler Browse courses» High-Performance Computing Parallel computation and GPU computing with CUDA or OpenCL Browse courses»
Computable Document Format Get started creating and deploying interactive content with CDF Browse courses» Engineering Numerical computing, control systems, wavelet analysis, and other technologies for your engineering workflow Browse courses»
Education Mathematica, Wolfram|Alpha and more for education, from interactive teaching to graduate-level research Browse courses» Graphics & Visualization Image creation and processing, function and data visualization, animations, interactive infographics, and 3D models Browse courses»