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Trialling Computer-Based Maths Resources: Virtual Workshop for Educators

Held on January 11, 2017

This free workshop is aimed at educators interested in learning more about how computer-based maths (CBM) can be introduced into their classrooms. Starting with an overview of the CBM approach to the curriculum, the workshop will lead educators through two teacher–led, problem-centred statistics modules—"How happy are people in my country?" and "Are girls better at maths?" Following the workshop, participants will be invited to take part in a trial of these two resources in their schools/settings at no cost, in return for providing brief feedback about their experience and student reactions.

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Modeling and Simulation with Wolfram SystemModeler
Trialling Computer-Based Maths Resources: Virtual Workshop for Educators   Watch videos from the event »

Session Details

11 January 2017  11am–12pm US EST 4–5pm GMT
The resources are suitable for ages 10–18 and require a minimum of a basic understanding of the average of a set of numbers. Approximately 5–8 hours of teaching time plus additional project work will be needed to complete the two problems. Computers will be required (one per student or student pair) capable of running Wolfram CDF Player. A small amount of coding will be introduced, but no previous experience is necessary. Concepts covered include: average, spread, visualising data, qualitative and quantitative data, comparing datasets. Tools used: mean, median, max, min, quartile, mean absolute deviation, standard deviation, bar chart, box-and-whisker chart, histogram.

Featured Speakers

Alec Titterton
Alec Titterton CBM Content Development Manager