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Mathematica Experts Live:
One-Liner Competition 2012

Held August 21, 2012

What can you do with one line of code? If you have Mathematica, a lot, from simulating gravitational attraction to animating sky charts to creating works of art. Test your Mathematica prowess in our one-liner contest and then tune in when our judges discuss the winning entries live.

Contest Winners

Grand Prize Winner: Boris Faleichik, Minsk, Belarus
Honorable Mentions Yuncong Ma, Hefei Anhui, China David Carraher, Andover, MA, USA Lingchuan Chen, Beijing, China Myron Zhang, Mentor, OH, USA Xiang Li, Kaifeng, China Congyi Hua, Hangzhou, China Tyler Coy, Austin, TX, USA Bianca Eifert, Echzell, Germany Roman Osipov, Moscow, Russian Federation Thomas Gutierrez, San Luis Obispo, CA, USA Yves Klett, Stuttgart, Germany Patricia Verrier, Portsmouth, UK Mark Holt, London, UK Sumit Sijher, San Jose, CA, USA David Kahle, Waco, TX, USA
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Panel of Judges

Yu-Sung Chang
Yu-Sung Chang Director, Technical Communication and Strategy Ever since he got his hands on Mathematica back in college, Yu-Sung has been hooked on its capabilities, especially for graphics. In his six years at Wolfram, he's been involved in the development of visualization, image processing, and spline functionality. Whenever he is not busy with secret Wolfram projects (which has become rare, by the way), he loves spending his time with family and Mathematica explorations—creating fun animations, generating math quizzes for kids, and even carving virtual pumpkins, to name a few.
Chris Carlson
Chris Carlson Chief Typesetting System Developer and Chief Interactive Graphics Developer With Wolfram Research since 1994, Chris Carlson developed the interactive graphics features that debuted in Mathematica 6. He is particularly interested in applications of Mathematica in design and architecture and has frequently blogged about his explorations on the Wolfram Blog. Today, Chris is a jack of all trades in the company, currently developing advanced interface features that will someday grace a Mathematica near you.
Vitaliy Kaurov
Vitaliy Kaurov Technical Content Specialist Vitaliy Kaurov discovered Mathematica in his college studies. Later it became an irreplaceable tool for his research in theoretical physics. As a consequence, he started teaching with Mathematica and Wolfram|Alpha and participated in the Wolfram Demonstrations Project and the Wolfram Science Summer School. Finally, he decided to dedicate his time completely to Wolfram technologies and joined the Technical Communication and Strategy group.
Daniel Lichtblau
Behind-the-Scenes Judge: Daniel Lichtblau Symbolic Algorithms Developer Daniel Lichtblau has been at Wolfram Research for over twenty years. A mathematician by training, he has worked on various parts of the core of Mathematica. These include a variety of symbolic and numeric capabilities as well as some of the basic language features. Of late he is enhancing some of the math capabilities of Wolfram|Alpha. Or de-hancing them, on his bad days. Danny will be an off-camera member of the judges panel for this event.
Zach Parcell
Zach Parcell Public & Community Relations Associate Zach Parcell started working at Wolfram Research in July 2011 in the Public Relations department. He will be the host of this live event.