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The Wolfram Data Drop Virtual Workshop

Held on July 28, 2015

With the Wolfram Data Drop you can collect and organize data from anywhere, store it in the cloud, and compute with it seamlessly. Learn how to get started with Data Drop, access mobile app data, and work collaboratively using connected devices. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to submit sample data to a databin and see it used in computable results.

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The Wolfram Data Drop Virtual Workshop
The Wolfram Data Drop Virtual Workshop   Watch videos from the event »

Workshop Highlights

Getting Started with the Wolfram Data Drop Bob Sandheinrich This introduction to the Wolfram Data Drop covers the basics, from logging in for the first time to working with your data. Learn how to set up databins for different projects and gather data from notebooks and web forms.
Quick and Easy Access to Your Mobile App Data Bradley Ashby The Wolfram Data Drop makes accumulating data easy, setting it up for immediate computation or analysis. This presentation walks you through a sample project using data collected on a mobile phone app.
The Wolfram Data Drop and the Raspberry Pi Bernat Espigule-Pons This presentation explores collaborative activities using the bundled Wolfram Language system on your Raspberry Pi, including making a time-lapse video and taking data from sensors and adding it to the Wolfram Data Drop.
Creative Control and Computable Data: Introducing the Wolfram Data Drop IFTTT Channel Bernat Espigule-Pons This presentation covers data accumulation from more than 150 IFTTT trigger channels in the Wolfram Cloud for visualization, analysis, apps, and more. Walk through several examples using Instagram, Twitter, reddit, Netatmo Weather Station, and Fitbit, and connect to Data Drop with your own personalized Do Button, Do Camera, and Do Note.

Featured Speakers

Bob Sandheinrich
Bob Sandheinrich Software Engineer
Bradley Ashby
Bradley Ashby Project Manager for the Wolfram Data Drop
Bernat Espigule-Pons
Bernat Espigule-Pons Consultant