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Wolfram Visualization
Virtual Workshop 2013

Held February 26, 2013

In this successful workshop, Wolfram visualization experts showed how to create instant interactive visualizations, perform 3D geometric modeling, and bring 3D objects to life.

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Brett Champion
General Visualization Quick Start with Brett Champion Mathematica's large set of visualization features makes it easy to visualize functions and data. We will explore the built-in tools for creating visualizations from functions or data, to various dimensions and coordinate systems. We will learn how to customize plots with styles, labels, and other features that are common across the visualization functions.
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Data Visualization Quick Start with Brett Champion Harness the power of Mathematica to interactively visualize your data. We start with simple charts, add labels and legends, and customize the appearance. In a series of examples, we process and incorporate additional data and create specialized visual elements, resulting in a rich interface allowing you to interactively explore your data in depth. Specific topics covered will include general options for adding styles and labels to your charts, enhancing your data with wrappers and metadata, and writing custom rendering functions that make use of the metadata to show additional levels of information.
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Panel Discussion with Wolfram Visualization Experts Questions about creating and manipulating 3D graphics objects, interactive applications, or other visualizations? Join Wolfram visualization experts, including Director of Technical Communications and Strategy Yu-Sung Chang, Technical Content Specialist Vitaliy Kaurov, and Visualization Manager Brett Champion in an open chat. This session will feature discussion of some of the developers' favorite examples.
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Vitaliy Kaurov
Mastering Dynamic Visualizations with Mathematica with Vitaliy Kaurov Videos, animations, and interactive infographics are used increasingly in scientific, technical, and even popular media. Mathematica provides a number of approaches to producing dynamic visualizations. With a few applications we will illustrate the principles behind the construction of graphics sequences, manipulations of a simulated camera, building interactive interfaces, operations on standard video formats and data, and more.
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Yu-Sung Chang
Scan, Convert, and Print: Playing with 3D Objects in Mathematica with Yu-Sung Chang Mathematica's strong 3D format support and graphics features make it a prime candidate for performing 3D geometric manipulations and creative modeling. In this example-driven course, we will demonstrate state-of-the-art 3D geometric projects involving 3D scanners, 3D formats, geometric modeling, and 3D printing—all revolving around Mathematica.
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