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Wolfram Cloud

Building intelligence into a new kind of cloud

Battle-tested with Wolfram's breakthrough Wolfram|Alpha system, the Wolfram Cloud is the central enabling infrastructure for all Wolfram's cloud products and services, providing integrated storage, interface, computation, knowledge, linguistics and deployment capabilities.

Natively running the Wolfram Language, the Wolfram Cloud in effect makes every aspect of cloud operations programmable—introducing an unprecedented level of integration, flexibility, simplicity and power into a new generation of cloud technology.

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Sophisticated Computation, Built In

The Wolfram Cloud natively computes with the Wolfram Language, instantly allowing sophisticated computation anywhere in the Wolfram Cloud.

A Higher Level of Programming

The knowledge-based character of the Wolfram Language lets you program in an unprecedentedly powerful and efficient way.

Take Algorithms for Granted

The Wolfram Language has the world's largest network of built-in algorithms, immediately accessible anywhere in the Wolfram Cloud.

Cloud-Based Automation

The Wolfram Language calls on the resources of the Wolfram Cloud to automate as much programming and other operations as possible.

Representing the Real World

Through knowledge in the Wolfram Cloud, the Wolfram Language has a precise representation for entities and processes in the real world.

One Language for Everything

The symbolic nature of the Wolfram Language lets it represent and manipulate the content, behavior and structure of anything in the Wolfram Cloud.

Scale-Up Instantly

With its scalable character and built-in parallel computation, the Wolfram Language allows instant scale-up in the Wolfram Cloud.

Connect to Everything

The Wolfram Language instantly supports cloud-based connectivity to databases, programs, APIs, languages and devices.

A Cloud Full of Knowledge

The Wolfram Cloud integrates the vast and continuously updated Wolfram Knowledgebase used in Wolfram|Alpha.

Wolfram|Alpha Knowledge Everywhere

In the Wolfram Cloud, every program has access to the knowledgebase used in Wolfram|Alpha.

Curated Data About Everything

The Wolfram Knowledgebase includes carefully curated data from primary sources across thousands of domains.

The Data Is Computable

All data in the Wolfram Knowledgebase can immediately be used for computation in the Wolfram Language.

Expert Knowledge Built In

Built into the Wolfram Cloud are the results of Wolfram's three decades of computable knowledge acquisition.

Not Just Data, But Methods

The Wolfram Knowledgebase includes not just data, but methods to compute results in every field.

Continuous Data Feeds

Every millisecond of every day, the Wolfram Knowledgebase is updated with the latest data.

Semantics as a Service

Turn unstructured linguistics and data into precise Wolfram Language and Wolfram Data Framework (WDF) syntax using services in the Wolfram Cloud.

Wolfram|Alpha Linguistics Everywhere

The Wolfram Cloud lets you use Wolfram|Alpha free-form natural language whenever you want.

Program with Natural Language

With the Wolfram Cloud, you can instantly create Wolfram Language code from natural language.

An Ontology of the World in the Cloud

The Wolfram Cloud is the central source for the uniquely broad algorithmic ontology defined in WDF.

Canonicalize the World Using WDF

The Wolfram Cloud's Semantic Server takes unstructured data sources and turns them into WDF.

Semantically Smart Forms

The built-in semantics of the Wolfram Cloud lets forms be intelligent, so "monday after xmas" works as a date.

Set Up your Own Natural Language

In the Wolfram Cloud, you can set up your own custom natural language definitions.

Instant Cloud Deployment

Whatever your target, the Wolfram Cloud lets you deploy your code or content at production scale in an unprecedentedly powerful and simple way.

Instant APIs

In the Wolfram Cloud, any Wolfram Language program can have a web API that can be called from anywhere.

Instant Form Interfaces

Instantly connect any Wolfram Language program to a rich custom form interface hosted in the Wolfram Cloud.

Let the Cloud Run Your Code

Use the Wolfram Cloud to automatically run programs on a schedule or on demand.

Instant Mobile Apps

Seamlessly access your programs in the Wolfram Cloud through zero-configuration or custom mobile apps.

Embeddable Content

Instantly embed interactive documents hosted in the Wolfram Cloud into any web page.

Instant Rich Report Generation

Use the Wolfram Cloud to manage and generate sophisticated interactive reports.

Cloud-To-Cloud Computing

Programs in the Wolfram Cloud can always call data or programs they need in the Wolfram Cloud.

Deployment Is Programmable

All deployment in the Wolfram Cloud is completely programmable with the Wolfram Language.

Programmable Interactive Interface

The Wolfram Cloud natively supports CDF documents with full interactivity, as well as flexible configuration capabilities for diverse workflow designs.

Documents that Compute

CDF documents in the Wolfram Cloud can contain arbitrary Wolfram Language computations.

Rich Document Authoring Built In

The Wolfram Cloud natively supports authoring of rich structured CDF documents.

Interactive Cloud Programming

Write your programs with a full interactive IDE environment in the cloud.

The Fastest Way to Interactivity

Interactivity defined in the Wolfram Language is natively available in the Wolfram Cloud.

All You Need is A Browser

The Wolfram Cloud has a complete interactive document interface accessible in any browser.

Seamless Desktop Compatibility

CDF documents from the Wolfram Cloud seamlessly run in native desktop environments.

A Cloud to Store Everything

The Wolfram Cloud seamlessly stores data, documents and programs.

Everything is a cloud object

The Wolfram Cloud uses a modern UUID-based scheme for complete interoperability.

Seamless Persistence

The Wolfram Language can make anything transparently persistent in the Wolfram Cloud.

Symbolic description of storage

Every aspect of the Wolfram Cloud storage system can be analyzed and manipulated in the Wolfram Language.

Permissions are programmable

All permissions in the Wolfram Cloud are programmable with the Wolfram Language.

Logging as data science

All transactions in the Wolfram Cloud are logged for immediate Wolfram Language visualization and analysis.

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