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A Comprehensive Solution: Developing an Enterprise-Wide Platform with Wolfram Technologies

Philip Zecher, Chief Risk Officer, EQA Partners, LP

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"The different technologies that Wolfram has now that allow you to go from something very sophisticated, like the notebook interface, all the way to the web interface is very powerful."
The Wolfram Edge
  • Features full symbolic programming language and advanced development tools for easily creating complete applications
  • Provides a start-to-finish solution for developing and deploying dynamic websites using webMathematica technology
  • Contains built-in tools for integration with existing systems, including databases and web infrastructures


Global hedge fund EQA Partners, LP needed to build a comprehensive system for handling all functions of their company.


EQA's team of programmers developed an enterprise-wide package with Wolfram technologies that now manages the flow of data from markets through trading to investor reporting—a streamlined process that provides huge time- and cost-saving benefits to the company.


According to Chief Risk Officer Philip Zecher, having all the data go through one system improves their ability to quickly analyze market conditions and respond to investors' requests, and greatly reduces data errors.

Using the Wolfram Language, which Zecher says "seriously cut down" development time, and webMathematica's deployment options, EQA has built a comprehensive data and analysis platform that delivers quick and accurate information. "To be able to show clients the straight-through processing that we do is valuable to them from a confidence perspective," says Zecher. "To them, it's a very consistent system that gives them the numbers they want in a real-time fashion. And they're accurate."

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