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Wolfram in STEM/STEAM

Bring science, technology, engineering, art and math subjects to life with Wolfram technology.

Wolfram's ever-expanding portfolio of products and resources helps teachers create an interactive classroom experience to engage students in active learning, increase their understanding of STEM and STEAM concepts and prepare them for careers in engineering, biology, medicine, economics, finance and more.

Use the breakthrough Wolfram Language to introduce students to the power of modern computation—and enable a new generation of student projects and achievement.

Access over 100,000 pre-built interactive examples and code snippets and then learn how to create your own.

Create lesson plans that mix text, graphics, code and more.

Let your students self-test with automatic problem generation—and get tutor-quality step-by-step solutions.

Ready to enhance your STEM/STEAM classroom with Wolfram technology?

Fields and Subjects

Art, Design and Music

Create interactive visual art, algorithmic music and 3D printouts—learning geometric layout and modeling, image manipulation, color theory and music theory.


Illustrate principles of biology with real-world data and compelling interactive models and visualizations—and give your classes a streamlined way to collect and analyze data.


Use built-in chemical databases to instantly visualize 3D molecular structures—generating step-by-step solutions to chemistry problems and analyzing experimental measurements.

Computer Science

Introduce students to a real-world programming language with which they can create sophisticated programs, apps and games using code that is typically a lot simpler and shorter than Java, C++ or Python.

Earth Science

Explore weather, earthquakes, minerals, astronomy and geography with compelling visualizations featuring Wolfram's deep and up-to-the-minute data.


Teach physics with interactive visualizations and real-world data—analyzing and graphing directly from lab equipment, cameras, etc.


Make math dynamic with powerful interactive visualizations, real math notation, step-by-step solutions and automatic problem generation.


Immediately analyze and visualize data—illustrating the principles of statistics with interactive demonstrations, exact algebraic results and built-in access to real data.

Remote Learning with Wolfram Tech

Access Wolfram tech anytime, anywhere, from on or off campus. Choose the best distribution method for you and your classroom: install Wolfram Desktop locally at home or work with your students through the Wolfram Cloud.

  • 24/7 access to Wolfram technology
  • Optimized access on mobile phones and tablets through a mobile app
  • Cloud storage to save and retrieve your data and files from anywhere
  • Create and edit notebooks across desktop, online and mobile
  • Share notebooks and collaborate with colleagues online

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