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Mathematica is the world's leading computational software—like a super calculator and coding language for every kind of math, science and engineering. Over six thousand functions enable everything from solving equations to 3D visualization of data and functions to machine learning to building applications.

Mathematica is no longer available through the Egyptian Knowledge Bank. We continue to support new and existing Mathematica users in Egypt. Please contact our team to discuss your Mathematica licensing requirements.

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We provide a variety of workshops to help you get the most out of Mathematica and the Wolfram Language.

How Will It Benefit Me?

For Students

Gain an advantage with the best computation technology and coding language, bringing STEM subjects to life through interactive examples. Learn to use the power of computation to problem solve and gain a deeper understanding of higher concepts more quickly.

For Educators

Engage with the computation-enabled future of education, using Wolfram's broad tools for content creation, education analytics, modeling, device connectivity and data analysis. Use our huge collection of vivid interactive Demonstrations as starter examples to enhance your teaching.

For Researchers

Wolfram's powerful, knowledge-based computing technology represents the best solution for research. Import from and export to a huge number of different formats. Compute, develop and deploy using one unified system, including Wolfram's unique, interactive computational notebook system.

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