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In partnership with the Egyptian government, Wolfram Research is pleased to offer all citizens of Egypt free educational access to our famous software Mathematica under the Egyptian Knowledge Bank (EKB) program.

EKB is a groundbreaking project to provide a wide variety of free knowledge and resources to empower the Egyptian people, promoting learning and education at all levels. It is the single largest national education project in Egypt.

Mathematica is the world's leading computational software—like a super calculator and coding language for every kind of math, science and engineering. Five thousand functions enable everything from solving equations to 3D visualization of data and functions to machine learning to building applications.

Get Mathematica Now All private individuals, teachers, primary, secondary and further education students and faculty members who are registered users of the EKB can request Mathematica free of charge.

What Is the Egyptian Knowledge Bank?

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The Egyptian Knowledge Bank (EKB) is the single largest national project concerned with education in Egypt. It aims to provide a tremendous variety of free knowledge and resources for the Egyptian people.

Why include computation software?

The EKB contains a vast quantity of knowledge, a valuable resource that will help Egypt build a knowledge economy and surpass the skills of many other countries. While highly valuable, the ability to also problem solve using the latest technology will further empower the development of the next generation of Egyptians, ensuring they can compete for highly skilled jobs and help to foster a modern, confident society. Computation software is an important element in achieving this—encouraging the use of computational thinking in the next generation of learners, and moving Egypt to a computational knowledge economy and beyond.

Why Mathematica and Wolfram?

Mathematica is a state-of-the-art computation, development and deployment software that will give EKB users the means to transform their learning journey and the skills to help create the next generation of Egyptian scholars, scientists and leaders. As far back as 1988, Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc., recognized this:

"Mathematica will revolutionize the teaching and learning of math by focusing on the prose of mathematics without getting lost in the grammar."

Think of it as a super calculator for every kind of math you could ever imagine: it contains an extensive knowledgebase for working with a very broad range of tasks, including solving equations, programming, importing and exporting data, visualizing functions and data and much more. It covers traditional fields like algebra, calculus and trigonometry, and new fields like machine learning, image processing and data science. What's unique about Mathematica is its ability not only to work with numbers but also with symbols, and to produce amazing graphics and instantly create interactive models and documents for collaboration.

Mathematica can be used in a variety of ways—you can type individual commands (in a free-form, linguistic input if you want) and get an answer, or learn to build up sophisticated programs. All the while, you are prompted and supported by a predictive user interface and a detailed, interactive documentation system.

The Wolfram Language (which Mathematica is built upon) is designed for a new generation of programmers: it contains a vast depth of built-in algorithms and knowledge, all automatically accessible through its elegant unified symbolic language. With its intuitive, English-like function names and coherent design, the Wolfram Language is uniquely easy to read, write and learn—ideal for education in coding too.

Mathematica is suitable for data scientists, engineers, scientists, economists, financial analysts, researchers, mathematicians, hobbyists, educators, students and even artists!

How Will It Benefit Me?

For Students

Gain an advantage with the best computation technology and coding language, bringing STEM subjects to life through interactive examples. Learn to use the power of computation to problem solve and gain a deeper understanding of higher concepts more quickly.

For Educators

Engage with the computation-enabled future of education, using Wolfram's broad tools for content creation, education analytics, modeling, device connectivity and data analysis. Use our huge collection of vivid interactive Demonstrations as starter examples to enhance your teaching.

For Researchers

Wolfram's powerful, knowledge-based computing technology represents the best solution for research. Import from and export to a huge number of different formats. Compute, develop and deploy using one unified system, including Wolfram's unique, interactive computational notebook system.

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