Wolfram Computation Meets Knowledge

Sample Enterprise Private Cloud Workflow:
Centralized Computation and Reporting
for interactive trading alerts

Using the built-in financial data, powerful algorithms and process management tools available in Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud, a large corporate bank can create a service that uses customer data to automatically generate trade alerts and interactive reports, allowing individuals and companies to determine the best times to exchange currency.

An Interactive Trade Alert Generation Workflow
Powered by Enterprise Private Cloud


Compile Data

Enterprise Private Cloud technology enables the bank to intelligently import customer data from MDB, XLSX and other database formats, along with up-to-date exchange rate information from a variety of sources, easily combining them in a unified data framework for immediate computation.

Enterprise Private Cloud essentials for this step:

Your data or ours—ready to use: Import financial data in a variety of formats or access curated financial data from the Wolfram Knowledgebase, using high-level semantics to make everything computable.

Seamless interoperability across all platforms: Easily connect to financial databases, packages and third-party software across the cloud using high-level APIs for a comprehensive finance workflow.


Create a Historical Model

A broad collection of data analysis functions and a number of flexible development and deployment options allow the fast creation of accurate cloud-based currency exchange models.

Enterprise Private Cloud essentials for this step:

Rapid development—anytime, anywhere: Create, test and deploy applications with just a few lines of code—on desktop, web or mobile.

Cloud computations with sophisticated algorithms: Use hundreds of symbolic and numeric functions for high-precision financial time series computations, backed by a scalable cloud architecture.


Make Predictions

Models are set up to perform continuous computations, making sophisticated forecasts of exchange rates and proposing the optimal times to buy and sell.

Enterprise Private Cloud essentials for this step:

Centralized process automation: Schedule cloud-based background tasks to keep models up to date and to trigger alerts via curated service connections.

Optimize your computations: Apply custom pre-initialization options and automatic load balancing to eliminate latency in time-sensitive financial computations.


Generate Interactive Trade Alerts

Customers receive alerts via SMS or email, securely linking them to an automatically generated report that interactively shows the latest projections and enables instant trading decisions.

Enterprise Private Cloud essentials for this step:

Self-updating computable documents: Use high-level document templating and automatic report generation to create rich interactive reports accessible from a web browser.

Fully configurable data security: Set up unlimited users with custom policies using standard authentication protocols, ensuring secure delivery of financial data and models.

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