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Sample Enterprise Private Cloud Workflow:
Enterprise-Wide Process Automation
for remote materials testing

Using unified symbolic representation to combine external and built-in data sources, computational models and automated cyber-physical controls in a centralized cloud framework, a materials manufacturer can reengineer its quality testing process with a streamlined remote interface, immediately accessible to R&D teams across the enterprise.

A Materials Testing Workflow
Powered by Enterprise Private Cloud


Configure Parameters

A form-based web interface combines data, methods, instruments and materials into a single platform, allowing researchers to interactively tune testing procedures.

Enterprise Private Cloud essentials for this step:

Represent everything symbolically: Bring code, data and real-world objects together within a unified symbolic framework.

Your data or ours, ready to use: Use high-level semantics to combine configuration databases and documents with built-in scientific and engineering knowledge for immediate computation.


Perform Tests

Once designed and submitted, tests are carried out via automated cyber-physical control systems, delivering reliable and reproducible data.

Enterprise Private Cloud essentials for this step:

Curated device framework: Seamlessly interact with sensors, machines and other equipment across your enterprise, setting up incoming data for computation.

Centralized process automation: Streamline testing tasks using a centralized cloud infrastructure to automate device control and data collection.


Analyze Data

Researchers have immediate access to their experimental data from anywhere, along with a host of integrated tools for scientific analysis and visualization.

Enterprise Private Cloud essentials for this step:

Web-based data processing with world-class algorithms: Perform high-level analysis using optimized algorithms for fast, accurate results—all accessible from a standard web browser.

High-level visualizations, immediate interaction: Showcase data and models using high-quality 2D and 3D visualizations, with simple controls for changing parameters on the fly.


Publish Results

Test results and analyses can be easily shared with investors, colleagues, clients and vendors in a variety of formats and with custom permissions.

Enterprise Private Cloud essentials for this step:

Private or public—you control access: Securely distribute documents internally or publish to the web using standard authentication protocols for full control over who has access.

All your export options in one system: Share your results using hundreds of image, data and document formats, or deploy as a computable document for immediate interactivity from standard web browsers.

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