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  • Create timelines of dates and time periods with flexible layouts and rich labels. »
  • Visualize time series as step plots. »
  • Create histograms from dates and times, with bins corresponding to arbitrary lengths of time. »
  • Treat the dates in histograms as cyclical, making it easier to see patterns over smaller time scales. »
  • Summarize geographic data by binning the locations into larger regions, colored by density. »
  • Interactively pan and zoom maps. »
  • Plot data using steps. »
  • Display the waveforms of audio objects in a variety of layouts. »
  • Visualize hierarchical clusters of dates based on the relative similarity of elements. »
  • Create word clouds from text, with more common words shown larger. »
  • Arrange the word cloud into an arbitrary shape.
  • Construct sentence diagrams showing the grammatical structure of sentences. »
  • Represent rules for cellular automata and Turing machines in iconic forms. »
  • Plot the evolution of computational systems over time.
  • Show bones, muscles, and organs in the human body. »
  • Highlight anatomical structures using arbitrary styles. »
  • Clip portions of the body away to show interior structures and organs. »

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