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Frequency of Common Nouns in Speeches

Use TextCases to extract substrings of a given form, for instance nouns or verbs, as well as countries, email addresses, and many other things.

Retrieve a dataset of all speeches delivered by the US presidents during joint sessions of the United States Congress.

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data = ResourceData["State of the Union Addresses"];

Reduce the size of the dataset by keeping only the president names, years of speeches, and texts of speeches.

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reduceddata = data[All, {"President", "Year", "Text"}];

Take a sample of speeches at 10-year intervals.

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years = Range[1965, 2015, 10]; speeches = Select[reduceddata, MemberQ[years, #Year] &]

Use TextCases to identify the nouns in each speech.

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nouns = TextCases[Normal@speeches[All, "Text"], "Noun"];

Count the occurrences of all distinct nouns in each speech.

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freqnouns = Counts /@ nouns;

Ignore some words that are very common across most years.

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freqnouns = KeyDrop[freqnouns, {"country", "people", "year", "years", "world"}];

Generate word clouds showing the frequency of nouns over time.

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labels = Normal@ speeches[All, CommonName[#President] <> " " <> ToString[#Year] &]; WordCloud[freqnouns[[#]], PlotLabel -> labels[[#]]] & /@ Range[6]

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