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Visualize Geomagnetic Data

Use quantities and arrays of them anywhere in the visualization functionality.

Get a quantity array of values for the magnitude of the Earth's magnetic field over Kazakhstan.

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data = GeomagneticModelData[Entity["Country", "Kazakhstan"], "Magnitude"]

Examine the variation of the field over that region.

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contour = ListContourPlot[data, Frame -> False, PlotRangePadding -> 0, ColorFunction -> "BlueGreenYellow"]; Legended[GeoGraphics[{GeoStyling[{"GeoImage", contour}, Opacity[0.8]], Polygon[Entity["Country", "Kazakhstan"]]}, GeoRange -> Quantity[800, "Miles"], ImageSize -> 420], BarLegend[{"BlueGreenYellow", MinMax@Flatten[QuantityMagnitude@data]}]]

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