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Energy Transport

Geometric regions are fully integrated in Version 12. Easily model a rectangular region with cutouts and solve a multi-physics problem that couples the NavierStokes equation with a heat equation via a Boussinesq approximation.

Specify parameters and a rectangular region with cutouts.

Specify a Prandtl number and a Rayleigh number .

Set up a viscous NavierStokes equation that is coupled to a heat equation making use of a Boussinesq approximation. Use the material parameters specified.

Set up no-slip boundary conditions for the velocities on all boundary walls.

Set up a reference pressure point and specify a temperature difference.

Replace parameters in the boundary conditions and set up initial conditions.

Solve the PDE while using a specified mesh spacing and interpolating the velocities and and the temperature with second order and the pressure with first order.

Construct a visualization of the region boundary.

Animate the change in temperature and the velocity streamlines.

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