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Investigate Award-Winning Restaurants

Award-winning restaurants have a lot of interesting data attached to them, including their locations, awards, the dates that they opened, the people involved and more.

Walk through a complete data science exploration of these restaurants using the Wolfram Technology Stack, starting with data collection with a Databin and a web form hosted in the Wolfram Cloud, and finally creating an EntityStore and querying it with new functionality such as SortedEntityClass to find interesting information.

Begin by creating a Databin to store the data.

Create a web form in the Wolfram Cloud to collect the data and store it the Databin.

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Once the data has been collected by using the form, you can create an EntityStore to allow for easy querying in a variety of ways to analyze the data.

Start by downloading the contents of the databin.

Load a function from a file in the Wolfram Cloud to process the data for each entry in the databin, creating data for restaurants, restaurant groups, cuisines, cookbooks, awards and important people.

With the data processed, you can now use it to create an EntityStore that will allow for easier queries through EntityValue.

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Register the EntityStore so it can be used via EntityValue.

Look up data for a specific restaurant.

One of the properties for a restaurant is the opening date. Create a histogram of the opening dates for all of the restaurants in the EntityStore.

Another restaurant property is the awards that have been won. Find all restaurants that have won a single Michelin star, using SampledEntityClass to limit the number of results.

Use SortedEntityClass to find the oldest five restaurants (based on the opening date) that have won a single Michelin star.

The locations of the restaurants were also collected. Visualize how many award-winning restaurants from the dataset are in each US state.

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You can combine all of the properties you have used so far with FilteredEntityClass to find the location of all Michelin one-star restaurants in New York City that are currently operating.

Show these restaurants on a map.

Find and show the shortest tour to visit all of these restaurants on a map, making use of TravelDirections to show actual paths for both walking and driving routes.

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