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Find Theaters around a Location

Wikidata stores information about many subjects, including places with location and type information. It provides a SPARQL endpoint for easy querying of this information.

This example finds theaters in the center of Madrid and then visualizes the result using GeoGraphics.

Vocabulary used by Wikidata.

A function that, given a disk specified by its center and radius, produces a subquery for places inside that disk.

A subquery for retrieving the (human-readable) labels of the places.

A subquery that finds objects of a given type, given the label (or alternative label) of that type.

Find theaters within a 1km radius around the center of Madrid.

List the names of places.

Extract locations and add place labels as a Tooltip. Each location is a Point of a GeoPosition that can be used in GeoGraphics.

Draw a map with tooltips.

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