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Uncertainty in Exoplanet Data

Measuring properties of exoplanets (planets of stars other than the Sun) is very difficult, and only in the last few decades has it been possible to perform reliable observations. This example explores radius and mass of exoplanets, taking into account the uncertainty in their values.

The new function Around describes a numeric value with uncertainty.

This is a value with asymmetric uncertainty. It is also a Quantity object with units.

Download exoplanet data from the Wolfram Knowledgebase, deleting those pairs for which there is not complete information.

There is an association of 457 values.

Show three random cases. The masses and radii are given as asymmetric Around objects.

Plot the list of {mass, radius} pairs, using a logarithmic axis in masses.

Plot the association of pairs, now keeping the names of some exoplanets.

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