Financial Data on Demand: Building an Interactive Web Service with Wolfram Technologies

Alan Savoy, Technical Manager and Architect, nGenera Corporation

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The Wolfram Edge
  • Provides automated import and export capabilities
  • Allows for easy creation of interactive, customized graphics
  • Generates specialized web services that can be deployed with webMathematica
"To get these graphs to look like the way our customers need them, we would have to settle for less with another tool."


Wolfram technologies power the analytics inside nGenera Corporation's new on-demand tool that allows companies to use live financial feeds to analyze their decisions.

Alan Savoy, a technical manager and architect at nGenera, used the extensive plotting and data importing and exporting capabilities of Wolfram technologies to build and deploy a web-based product that is customized to customers' needs. He says, "The amount of code that's required to produce the same amount of work is a fraction of the amount of code that we would have to write with other tools, so the time to delivery is much faster."

More information:
Update: nGenera is now Moxie Software.

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