Connected Device Framework

The Wolfram Device Framework provides streamlined support for interacting with external devices. By presenting a symbolic representation for each device and a standard set of Wolfram Language functions, the Device Framework allows easy programmatic access to a wide variety of electronic hardware. With state-of-the-art computational algorithms and Wolfram Cloud support, the Wolfram Language offers sophisticated tools to visualize, analyze, and store device data.

  • Standard set of Wolfram Language functions such as DeviceRead, DeviceWrite, DeviceExecute, etc. to operate on devices.
  • Support for synchronous, asynchronous, and buffered communication.
  • Search for all devices connected to your computer system, and programmatically set and retrieve various device properties such as buffer length, camera frame rate, accelerometer range, etc.
  • Access the entire suite of Wolfram Language algorithms and visualization functions for device data analysis.
  • Tight integration with Wolfram Cloud allows on-demand download of the suitable device driver and easy upload, analysis, and retrieval of device data.
  • Fully supported on both desktop environment and Raspberry Pi.
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