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High-Impact Adaptive Visualization

Mathematica 6 dramatically redefines the world of desktop visualization, providing for the first time complete automation of the process of creating high-fidelity high-impact 2D, 3D and dynamic visualizations of functions and data. Based on major new computational geometric methods developed at Wolfram Research, Mathematica 6 uses the unique architecture of Mathematica to automate every aspect of the visualization pipeline, from analysis to sampling, feature detection, aesthetic choice and final rendering.
  • 25+ new core visualization types and 50+ new general visualization options.
  • Completely uniform scalable support for arbitrary structured and unstructured data.
  • Automatic adaptive sampling for arbitrary functions, equations and inequalities.
  • Full support for adaptive contour and region plotting in 2D and 3D.
  • Support for arbitrary overlay meshes, clipping regions and color functions.
  • Automatic handling of multiple functions and multiple datasets.
  • Full integration with dynamic annotation and interface capabilities.
  • Export to all major 2D and 3D raster, vector and animated formats.