Key Advantages

Dynamic websites that compute custom results and interact with users usually require difficult programming and show unreliable functionality. But webMathematica provides a start-to-finish solution that combines the computational power and knowledge of Mathematica with a powerful language for easy development and high-scalability deployment.

webMathematica launches your application as a stable, high-performing website, with fast development and easy deployment.
For Your Organization
For Development
For System Integration

Key Advantages for Your Organization

Use webMathematica content to draw more visitors to your website or to build an organization-wide computational-services infrastructure that lowers the initial investment and cost of ownership by streamlining deployment and maintenance of technical computing applications. webMathematica can even deliver applications to mobile devices so that your field personnel always have access to the latest tools.

Computational Ability
webMathematica provides a large library of Mathematica commands for web development. This allows you to build technical computing web services, including numerical, symbolic, and graphical applications that solve your daily technical computing problems quickly and easily. Also, Mathematica can import and export hundreds of data, sound, and image formats, enabling users to process data online. To learn more about the benefits and features of Mathematica, see the Mathematica product pages.

Server-Based Computation
There is no software for end users to buy, install, or maintain to use webMathematica sites. All that end users need is a web browser and, for some more-advanced features such as interactive 3D graphics, a Java runtime environment. This leads to significant savings over buying and maintaining user software and also ensures that every end user always has the most recent version. An additional advantage is that webMathematica functionality can be accessed from any computer or device that can access your website.
Develop web services that can be accessed from any web-enabled device.
Ease of Use
All that is needed to take advantage of webMathematica-enhanced sites is a web browser and, for some more-advanced features such as interactive 3D graphics, a Java runtime environment. All user interface elements are standard web GUI elements such as sliders, text fields, check boxes, and drop-down lists. This enables you to cut training time because your employees no longer have to learn different software applications. In many cases, no Mathematica experience is required.
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