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The Wolfram Solution for Statistics

Pull in your data or ours, do standardized or custom analysis and visualization, then generate and deploy interactive reports—all in one system, with one integrated workflow.

The Wolfram statistics solution includes powerful optimization and statistics functionality alongside unique capabilities like free-form linguistic input, instant interactivity and the reliability of any-precision numerics and symbolic analysis.

  • The Wolfram Edge
  • How Wolfram Compares
  • Key Capabilities

Wolfram technologies include thousands of built-in functions and curated data on many topics that let you:

  • Model and analyze system reliability, including the life expectancy of a component or the reliability of engineering materials, using built-in reliability analysis functionality
  • Build and analyze statistical models for futures trading and other applications in finance
  • Determine insights by analyzing current and historical built-in financial, socioeconomic, geographic and demographic data
  • Study public health statistics, voting patterns, consumer spending data and more for predictive modeling
  • Perform Monte Carlo simulations and bootstrap analyses, estimate probabilities and more for pricing options and other finance applications
  • Solve optimization problems in many diverse fields, such as production, supply-chain management, engineering design, finance and more, using built-in or user-defined routines
  • Generate user-defined or built-in 2D and 3D graphics for visualizing data
  • Create interactive applications, reports and presentations for instant deployment through the Wolfram Player or webMathematica
Fit, test and describe properties of data
Performing cluster analysis on numerical, Boolean or string data

Does your current tool set have these advantages?

  • More statistical distributions than any other system, with specialized coverage for finance, medicine, engineering and science
  • Instantly create dynamic interfaces that allow you to vary parameters and gain useful insights from datasets
    Unique to Mathematica
  • Automated precision control and arbitrary-precision numerics produce highly accurate results
    Excel, MATLAB and other systems that rely on finite-precision numerics can cause serious errors due to lack of precision
  • Built-in functionality for statistical analysis and computation, curve fitting, image processing and a range of other application areas
    MATLAB requires the purchase of extra tool boxes
  • Seamless integration of numerics, symbolics, interactive graphics and all other computational aspects in one document
    Unique to Mathematica
  • Powerful symbolic statistical computation and built-in functions for all standard statistical distributions
    MATLAB, R, STATA and other numerical systems do not have integrated symbolic functionality
  • Integrated access to financial, socioeconomic, geographic, scientific and other data suitable for computation without preprocessing
    Built-in curated data is not available in other software
  • Complete statistical analysis workflow, from data import to analysis to typeset report or slide show, in a single document
    R, SAS, S-PLUS, Minitab and other software do not support a complete analysis workflow in a single document
Modeling seasonal data with built-in SARMA process functionality
Compare empirical and fitted distributions or use Monte Carlo simulations for goodness of fit

Organizations Using Wolfram Technologies

Deutsche Bank Federal Reserve Board Goldman Sachs The Institute of Statistical Mathematics

Consulting Solutions

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