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Model, simulate, and visualize biological and biochemical systems. Model and simulate reaction kinetics.

Meal Simulation: Analyze Processes in the Glucose-Insulin System

Study processes in the glucose-insulin system after a meal intake. This model simulates the process that maintains healthy blood glucose levels in the human body. A version of the model is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a replacement for studies on animals for certain insulin treatments for type 1 diabetes.

Model Biological Systems

Use the built-in BioChem library to model the glucose-insulin system in a human body.

Real-World Topology

Mirror the topology of the human body in the model.

Use SBML Models

Import and export Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML) models.

Glucose level in the stomach
Insulin secretion in pancreas
Glucose level in the intestines
Glucose in muscle
and fat tissue
Hepatic extraction of insulin in the liver
Glucose (blue) and insulin (red) in blood plasma

Annotate the Model

Add text and graphical content to make the model easy to understand.

Instantly Plot Results

Plot the response to glucose intake in different organs.