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Cantilever Beam Design

Cantilever beam design is a fundamental topic in mechanical and structural engineering that primarily focuses on bearing capacity. However, it also requires a deflection check. This example compares the deflection of cantilever beams for different materials and for different cross-sectional areas.
Animation of the cantilever beam.

The Model

The cantilever beam is modeled as a hollow flexible steel cylinder. It is connected to a fixed frame (wall), and a time-varying vertical force is applied to the free end.

Model fidelity can be varied by changing the number of segments used. In this case, the beam is divided into 10 pieces.

Simulation Results

Check the deflections for different cross-sectional areas of the cantilever beam.

The beam with a larger cross-sectional area (Di = 10 cm) has a smaller deflection.

Check the deflections for different materials of the cantilever beam.

The aluminium beam has a larger deflection as compared to steel.

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