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Chuas's Circuit

Chua’s circuit is the simplest electronic circuit that displays chaotic behavior. Due to its simplicity, it is especially suitable as a demonstrative real-world example of a chaotic system.

The Model

The chaotic system of the Chua circuit consists of linear basic elements (capacitors, resistor, conductor, inductor) and a nonlinear resistor called Chua’s diode.

Simulation & Animation

2D phase portraits for the two capacitors in the Chua circuit.

The WSMLink linking SystemModeler to Mathematica provides a number of tools for model visualization. Here, some well‐chosen model equations from SystemModeler have been extracted in Mathematica and used to create a three‐dimensional parametric plot animation.

The animation is based on simulation results obtained from the model. As the plot evolves, it starts to show the characteristically chaotic "double scroll" attractor pattern.

Animate your models in Mathematica

Construct a model of a Chua circuit in SystemModeler and use WSMLink and Mathematica to visualize its chaotic behavior.