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Driveline: Analyze a Drive Cycle

A model of a vehicle driveline can be used to evaluate performance measures. This example explores how the transmission control unit parameters affect fuel consumption.

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The latest versions of System Modeler and Mathematica.

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Standard Test Data

The EPA drive cycle is easily imported to the model with the link between Mathematica and SystemModeler.

transmission model
Change the speed at which gears are switched in the
automatic gearbox and export them to the model.
Instantaneous fuel
Miles per gallon

Hierarchical Modeling

Build up complex models in layers with separately testable and reusable subcomponents.

Instant Plotting

Analyze the fuel consumption during the highway drivecycle.

Per Nobrant Driveline Modelling using MathModelica.
2001-02-27, Master Thesis performed in Vehicular Systems at Linköpings Institute of Technology.