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Heavy Equipment

Use System Modeler to design and simulate heavy equipment with kinematic, dynamic, and thermal behaviors. Perform virtual prototyping, parameter optimization, and other analyses with Mathematica.

Construction Equipment and Large Machine Simulation

Construction equipment is built in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to execute specific tasks. With SystemModeler, it is easy to try different design options before building the physical system. This example explores different scenarios, such as the reachable positions of the excavator bucket.

Model 3D Mechanical Systems

Use the built-in MultiBody library to model the excavator.

CAD Animation

Add textures to the model and clearly see the real-world resemblance.

Watch the Video

Excavator model
Boom model
Vary the length of the cylinder controlling the boom at different
time points and immediately see the resulting movement.

Generate Simulation Scenarios

Quickly develop interfaces to generate simulation data in Mathematica and export to your simulation.

Instant Plotting

Analyze reachable positions of the bucket.