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Heavy Equipment

Use System Modeler to design and simulate heavy equipment with kinematic, dynamic, and thermal behaviors. Perform virtual prototyping, parameter optimization, and other analyses with Mathematica.

Active Damping: Control Diesel Engine Vibrations

Vibrations caused by heavy machinery can pose problems to structural integrity, especially if mounted on a steel structure or chassis. This model explores how to minimize vibrations in a diesel engine using a tuned mass damper.

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The latest versions of System Modeler and Mathematica.

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Perform In-Depth Analysis

Symbolically analyze the model equations in Mathematica to see how varying the parameters affects damping.

Perform Automatic Parallel Simulations

Do automatically parallelized parameter sweeps varying the spring damping constant and the damping mass.

Shown is the magnitude of engine displacement.
The operating point at 2000 RPM is represented by the red line.
The plot compares engine displacement for different values of the spring damping constant and damping mass.

Explore Different Scenarios

Interactively select the mass and spring constant of the tuned damper and instantly view the vibration displacement.

Simulate over Parameter Ranges

Visualize the vibrations of the engine for different parameter combinations.