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Industrial Manufacturing

Model new manufacturing processes prior to implementation or existing ones in order to diagnose problems. Use Mathematica for analyses including pre- and post-processing of models, simulations, and results.

Path Planning and Control of an Industrial Robot

Path planning has important applications in many areas such as industrial robotics, autonomous systems, and virtual prototyping. This industrial robot has a path-planning algorithm to find the optimal way between two arbitrary points and controllers to adjust the movements of each revolute joint.

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Use Built-in Models

Access the built-in example models to study and use as building blocks.

Real-Time Simulation

Run the simulation at the same speed as the physical robot.

Reference and measurement signals for two of the robot's six axes

Automatic 3D Animation

This animation is automatically created based on the model's layout.

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Path Planning

Compare how the actual paths correspond to the planned paths of the robot.