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Industrial Manufacturing

Model new manufacturing processes prior to implementation or existing ones in order to diagnose problems. Use Mathematica for analyses including pre- and post-processing of models, simulations, and results.

Stewart Platform: Analyze Parallel Manipulator

A Stewart platform is a parallel robot consisting of a surface supported by six independently actuated legs. The platform can be arbitrarily positioned and oriented in three dimensions. Applications include everything from flight simulators to precise experimental optics to machine tools.

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Custom Visualization with Mathematica

Create polished visualizations and animations with Mathematica's full 2D and 3D graphics language.

Sensitivity Analysis

Study the sensitivity of the six state variables to a systematic error in the length of one leg.

Linear actuator in which a control force drives the leg length toward the reference signal

Video Export

Develop high-quality custom animations in Mathematica and export to standard video formats.

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Reusable Custom Components

Create a component representing an idealized linear actuator that can be reused in other mechanical models.