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Perform Interactive Model Analytics

Perform immediate and interactive analysis of your system using customizable plots in the Simulation Center. This example illustrates that, using a model with a series of clutches engaging at different times.

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The latest versions of System Modeler and Mathematica.

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The Model

The model consists of a series of coupled shafts connected by clutches.

With different clutches engaged at different times, torque is supplied to different parts of the system.

Label Important Events

Add plot labels to important events of your simulation.

The clutches are engaged at different time instants.

Create Informative Captions

Add values of model variables to create informative captions.

The angular velocities of shaft 1 and shaft 2 are plotted.

Find Local Extremes

Plot markers snap to the local extremes indicating that by showing the tangents.

The angular velocities of shaft 1 and 2 reach a local minimum of 1.8 rad/s at 5.739 seconds.

Compare Time Instants

Analyze the change in plotted variables between time instants.

Once clutch 2 engages at 5 seconds, the angular velocities of shaft 1 and shaft 2 decrease and the angular velocity of shaft 3 increases until all the three shafts attain the same angular velocity.

Save Your Findings

Save your findings in the model for sharing with customers, students and colleagues.

Update the existing plot with new changes.

Fully Customizable Model Plots

Customize everything in your model plots and share your findings with customers, students and colleagues.