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The Aircraft Modelica library allows you to model an aircraft design and simulate its flight through air for a given flight mission. You can test your design for its flight mechanics, controllability and performance (when it comes to fuel efficiency and maneuverability). Moreover, the built-in aircraft models can be used for designing autopilots or testing various flight scenarios such as modeling an engine failure mid-flight or modeling a launch of a towed glider.


  • Parametrizable aircraft components
  • Built-in weight estimation method to set up new aircraft models from a small set of parameters
  • Built-in animation of all models, providing an easy visual check of your modeling process
  • Numerous example models that show the wide variety of scenarios that can be modeled with the library, such as aircraft failures, electric aircraft performance and launch of a towed glider
  • Flight mechanics model with 6 degrees of freedom
  • Allows the combination of components from the Modelica Standard Library
  • Fully compatible with the Modelica Standard Library
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