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Teaching Free Transverse Vibrations of Beams

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Charles Pooh, Jae Bum, & Yan Zhuang
Charles Pooh, Jae Bum, and Yan Zhuang
Adam Strzebonski
In this talk from the Wolfram Technology Conference 2011, Adam Strzebonski looks at Mathematica functions related to solving algebraic equations and inequalities and discusses the most appropriate solvers for various types ...
Bernat Espigule-Pons
Cliff Hastings and Kelvin Mischo
Jon McLoone
Anthony Zupnik
Jan Brugård
Stephen Wolfram
Stephen Wolfram opened the Wolfram Technology Conference 2011 by giving attendees an exclusive first look at many exciting projects under development at Wolfram. This video features highlights from his opening address.
Kun Li
Compared with traditional market makers, high-frequency trading has a larger impact on low-frequency liquidity and order-execution quality. This talk examines how high-frequency trading affects low-frequency trading.
Lowri Nia Knibbs Vaughan
Robert Nachbar
Robert Nachbar explains how Mathematica and C were used to develop a hybrid deterministic-stochastic simulation engine based on differential equations and the chemical master equation. He highlights some interesting aspects ...
Filip Novotný
An image-processing app analyzes plasmonic noble metal nanoparticles (MNPs). Learn how Mathematica's built-in image processing algorithms and dynamic functionality create a fluid user interface with improved workflow. A GUI notebook ...
Markus van Almsick
Giulio Alessandrini
Markus van Almsick
Conrad Wolfram
Kyle Keane
Dr. Karl Schmedders
Dominik Dvorak