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Teaching Free Transverse Vibrations of Beams

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Robert Knapp
Gerald Thomas
Jakub Kabala
Lin Cong & Eric Weisstein
Roger Germundsson
Heidy Hernandez
Evan Ott
Mary Ann Kelso
Swede White
Maik Meusel
Abdul Dakkak
This presentation explains how to perform nontrivial computer science research using Mathematica, including compiler-based optimizations that can be coded from within Mathematica.
Joanna Perkins
Conrad Wolfram
computerbasedmath.org is a project to build a new math curriculum with computer-based computation at its heart. In this talk from the Wolfram Technology Conference 2011, Conrad Wolfram discusses the concept, ...
Antonio Brito and Abraham Gadalla
In this Wolfram Technology Conference talk, Antonio Brito and Abraham Gadalla demonstrate how they use Mathematica's warning error messages to teach and reinforce mathematical concepts.
Dan McDonald, Ian Ford, James Mulnix, Nicolas Robles, Lin Con
Christopher Wolfram and Todd Gayley
Christopher Wolfram and Todd Gayley demonstrate a Mathematica connection to the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 quadricopter, which allows them to fly it and capture live video and flight data. They also ...
Erasmo Gomez Montoya
Rob Knapp
Nirmal Malapaka
MinHsuan Peng