Licensing Options

Wolfram CDF Player Pro's wide range of commercial licensing options complement Wolfram's unique technologies for rapid commercial-application development and publishing.

Whether your project is for a single user or mass distribution, in-house or external use, custom-tailored or off-the-shelf production, our options for deploying the computable document format (CDF) and Wolfram notebooks will meet your needs.

Small Deployments (up to 25 users)

Creating on-the-fly interactive solutions for your group? Deploying your consulting solutions? A CDF Player Pro engine makes it easy and cost effective to produce applications for a small number of users.

Product and purchase options:

Medium to Large Deployments (over 25 Users)

Wolfram technology is being used as the base for large-scale deployment of applications, services and OEM bundling. Options include custom consulting for Wolfram CDF Player deployment, volume and site plans for CDF Player Pro, or upfront CDF Player Pro purchasing for developers.

Because of the range of possible products, licensing options and uses, please tell us more about your intended application so we can help structure the best plan for you.

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