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General Features
  • All of the documentation within the application is hyperlinked
  • Reference examples in the application use a new "Help Model" system so that many examples are given in the context of a single Help Model
  • The package fully supports Mathematica's expression compilation capabilities
  • The forward dynamics module integrates in 3D angular space for improved performance and accuracy
  • Generalized coordinate support is fully integrated in the core package
  • Many 3D angular constraints result in simpler symbolic expressions
  • Utilities support vector algebra in Euler parameter space
  • The package provides enhanced 3D graphics objects with elliptical cubic sections
  • The gear constraints provide flexibility for modeling abstract gear trains
  • All 3D rotations can be generally specified by angle-axis, Euler parameters, or virtual rotation vector
Kinematic Modeling of Fully Constrained Systems
  • Planar and spatial modeling
  • Open, closed, and multiloop mechanisms
  • Multistage mechanisms
  • Velocity and acceleration analysis
  • Large library of kinematic constraint objects
  • User-programmable constraints
  • Nominal gear motion constraints
  • Involute gear motion analysis
  • Cam constraints supporting analytic and mapped cam profiles

Statics and Dynamics of Fully Constrained Systems

  • User-programmable forces and moments
  • Nonlinear and nonconservative loading support
  • Damping and friction modeling
  • Static reaction analysis (kineostatics)
  • Dynamic reaction analysis (inverse dynamics)

Motion Analysis of Underconstrained Systems

  • Specialized quaternion-based Adams-Bashforth integrator
  • Static equilibrium analysis
  • Velocity equilibrium analysis
  • Time-domain dynamic motion synthesis

Mechanism Design Tools

  • Multiconfiguration parametric design synthesis
  • Tolerance sensitivity analysis
  • Vector algebra library
  • Extended graphics functions
  • Mechanism motion animation
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