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Multipanel Visualization

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Jason Biggs
In this talk, Jason Biggs introduces the concept of molecule fingerprints and shows the different fingerprint types in Version 12.2 of the Wolfram Language, as well as showcasing many enhancements to ...
Anton Antonov
Oleg Marichev, Dan McDonald
Matteo Salvarezza
In this talk I will present NetExternalObject, a new symbol in Wolfram Language 13.2. It exposes new functionality to interface with external deep learning frameworks and run neural networks in their ...
Anton Antonov
This presentation discusses designing a conversational agent for data acquisition workflows, an extension of the work on multilanguage data wrangling conversational agents from WTC-2020, including the various facets and subparts.
Anton Antonov
In this talk, Anton Antonov shows and compares data-wrangling examples in different programming languages using different packages, relying heavily on external evaluators and voice-recognition features considered experimental at the time ...
Biena Mathew
Jofre Espigule-Pons
This talk will introduce the transformer machine learning model, which revolutionized the field of natural language processing. Then I will present M2M -100, the first multilingual machine translation (MMT) ...
Brett Champion
Tom Sherlock
Wolfram Language can automate many aspects of astronomical observations, including the tedious process of capturing an image sequence through four color filters and calibration frames. All the alignment, stacking and ...
Ed Pegg
Colin Chapman
The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority Systems Engineering Study teaches students to design, produce, operate, evaluate, and improve integrated systems while considering systems' interactions with people, society, and ecosystems. It ...
Anton Antonov
In this presentation, we discuss the completion of computational templates with parameters that are extracted from text specifications using a question answering system. We outline the general method and demonstrate ...
James Sturnfield
This presentation illustrates the calculation of natural solutions for problems containing delay differential equations (DDE) with a single time delay for both linear and nonlinear equations, with and without starting ...
Gunnar Prieß
Jofre Espigule-Pons
Current smartphones are powerful enough to run neural networks locally without a cloud server connection. Deploying and running a custom neural network on your phone depends on your phone's operating ...
Sebastian Bodenstein
Carlo Giacometti
Carlo Giacometti
Carlo Giacometti, Rebecca Frederick