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webMathematica as the Engine to Deliver Homework to Students

The University of Minnesota has deployed the Minnesota Online Learning System (MOLS) using webMathematica to deliver online assessments to students. The project grew from a desire to replace other products with a locally hosted system. Over 8,000 students annually use MOLS for placement exams, homework and testing. MOLS offers an easy way to author questions, while still maintaining the full power of the Wolfram Language. The interface includes a math palette to allow students to easily enter expressions that would otherwise be difficult to enter using a QWERTY keyboard. The Mathematica evaluation engine used to determine the correctness of a student's response is the best in the business. Grades are securely reported to instructors and students within the MOLS environment.​ ​​ ​Wolfram Language supports a multitude of server deployment options, see the full list https://www.wolfram.com/server-deployment-options/

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