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Upgrade Your Spreadsheets with Advanced Computation

Wolfram CloudConnector for Excel provides a simple, direct interface to high-powered Wolfram Language computations. Packaged as a lightweight plugin, CloudConnector uses Excel's formula syntax to call custom APIs—deployed in the Wolfram Cloud for centralized access anytime, anywhere.

Excel Users

Seamlessly connect the classic spreadsheet interface into Wolfram computations and data.


Instantly share custom Wolfram Language APIs with Excel users across your enterprise. If you currently deploy by developing libraries, switch to a server-side API model for easy deployment and built-in security.

System Administrators

Scale up your Excel users' capabilities with minimal installation and maximum security when combined with a Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud (EPC).

Workflow Comparison

Doing enterprise-level analytics in Excel requires custom libraries and data connections, but maintaining disparate local installations is time-consuming and inefficient. Using CloudConnector for Excel gives developers the power to write once and deploy instantly to Excel users anywhere.

Computation Process with CloudConnector for Excel

Individual Computation–Based Process

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