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Why CloudConnector?

Excel Users

Never Leave Excel

Access the world's largest collection of algorithms and knowledge directly from a familiar Excel interface, with automatic cell formatting for hassle-free data conversion.

No Programming Knowledge Required

Use Excel's standard formula syntax to evaluate Wolfram computations in real time—no need to manage Wolfram software or code on your computer.

Functions Tailored to Your Workflow

Compute on local files, instantly expand matrices and offload large calculations to optimize your data analytics.

Easily Combine Old and New

Enhance old formulas with advanced functionality, and use your existing Excel data with hundreds of Wolfram Language visualizations.


Centralized Data and Code

Reduce complexity and downtime by keeping algorithms and data within the Wolfram Cloud for persistent access and seamless updating.

Rapid Development, Instant Deployment

Quickly create APIs and deploy them to the cloud, providing immediate user access with no installation required.

Refined Permissions Control

Run computations exclusively within a cloud infrastructure, using secure authentication for protected access to your APIs.

Connect Legacy Code

Combine with EPC to interpret code from C/C++, Java, Python and other languages with Wolfram linking technology, repurposing old applications with minimal code.

System Administrators (EPC Only)

Resource Management

Monitor API calls through interactive dashboards to assess system performance and manage computational resources.

Logging and Auditing

Record individual and global activity for user analytics, security audits or legal compliance.

Hardware Scalability

Add EPC servers to increase computing capacity with minimal effort and no disruption to users.

Secure Centralized Infrastructure

Keeping all code within EPC eliminates the need for DLLs and other client-side resources, increasing security and simplifying code maintenance.

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