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What are the minimum system requirements for CloudConnector for Excel?

CloudConnector requires a PC running Windows 7+ and Excel 2013+.

What operating systems support CloudConnector for Excel?

CloudConnector is currently supported on Windows 7+ only.

Can I use CloudConnector for Excel with the public Wolfram Cloud?

Yes. You can deploy APIs and run computations through CloudConnector using any Wolfram Cloud Account.

How much does CloudConnector for Excel cost?

Nothing! CloudConnector is free to download.

Do APIs written for CloudConnector for Excel differ from other API functions?

No. APIs written for CloudConnector are the same as any other Wolfram API function and can be used with other applications.

What Wolfram Cloud plans does CloudConnector for Excel work with?

All of them! Every Wolfram Cloud plan is able to use CloudConnector for Excel.

Who gets charged for Wolfram and Wolfram API functions?

If using the Wolfram function, the caller of the function is charged. Wolfram API calls are charged to the owner of the API.

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